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My Favorite Stamp Layering Technique | 50 Cards For 50k

I’m thrilled to celebrate Justine Hovey’s huge YouTube milestone by joining her 50 Cards for 50k YouTube Hop! Justine contributes so much to our creative community and is a great advocate for crafty bloggers and YouTubers. I truly appreciate her generosity and support!!

Justine Hovey's 50 Cards for 50k YouTube Hop

YouTube Tutorial | My Favorite Stamp Layering Technique

We’re sharing our favorite cardmaking and scrapbooking techniques and there will be over 50 cards to inspire you! I share my favorite stamp layering technique to create realistic flowers.

For more video inspiration on this technique watch my 7 Stamp Layering Tips for Realism video. I’d love it if you subscribe while over on YouTube!

Justine’s Technique Resource Binder Class

If you’d like to learn more techniques or refresh the ones you know, check out Justine’s Technique Resource Binder Class. I love the idea of having all the techniques in one place so I can pick and choose what suits my fancy!

Realistic Stamp Layering

All the details for the layer stamping technique are in my video, but I do want to share my inspiration photos and additional information.

My Favorite Stamp Layering Technique

I brought Altenew Build-A-Flower: Sweet Violet Stamp & Die Bundle to life today. The shapes of pansies, violets, and viola are similar, thus I reviewed photos of each variety for inspiration.

Penny Primrose Viola

I enjoy color mixing while layer stamping and the transition between purple and yellow on the bottom petal appealed to me. Even nature gets a little muddy from time to time!

Here’s my version. I’d love to know what you think, let me know in the comments below or on YouTube!

My Favorite Stamp Layering Technique

Pansies, violets, and violas sit atop a bed of leaves. Usually, you don’t see the stems, but see the flowers extending towards you as in the inspiration photo.

Close Up of Realistic Stamp Layering

I considered how I could get varying levels of extension aside from doubling and tripling foam adhesive.

I found some action wobblers and they were perfect to vary the level of dimension and add motion too!

Tiger Eye Viola

This is the coolest flower! I love the pattern and wanted to draw it immediately!

Image Source: https://etsy.me/2kJr8YF

I drew the details with a Walnut Polychromos pencil and used varying levels of pressure to create lighter and darker lines.

One of these blooms claimed my last action wobbler and I added extra dimension by curling the petals upwards.

Close Up of Realistic Stamp Layering

Thank You

I’d like to thank Justine for inviting me to hop along with her and so many crafty friends! Many thanks to you for hanging with me today!

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