New Magnetic Glass Board

I’m thrilled to announce I designed a new magnetic glass board in collaboration with Glassboard Studio! It’s available for purchase and, I have a 20% off coupon code for you!

UPDATE | I no longer support or promote Glassboard Studio, thus the 5 glass mats I designed for Glassboard Studio are not available.

New Magnetic Glass Board for Crafting
Pawn Magnets Used with Magnetic Glassboard, Embossing Paste & Stencil

Watch this video for the unboxing, review, and mixed media projects using my brand new magnetic glassboard from Glassboard Studio. Watch here or in HD on YouTube. While you’re there I’d love it if you like, subscribe, and share it with your crafty friends.

The Magnetic Glassboard Advantage

Glass surfaces are perfect for crafting and mixed media art as they’re quick and easy to clean and don’t stain. A white background allows you to see the true color of ink, paint, and other mediums mixed directly on the surface. Glass is heat resistant allowing for techniques requiring heat tools such as heat embossing.

The magnetic surface is an added bonus as rare earth magnets allow you to hold paper, cardstock, stencils, and more. This glassboard measures 13.5 x 18-inches and features a grid for easy alignment in 1-inch and 1/4-inch increments. This design is also available in 9 x 12 and 18 x 24-inch formats.

The Story

My ideal glass board is primarily white with beautiful flowers to inspire me. I couldn’t find this on the market so, the first thing I did was speak to one of my favorite craft companies about the product idea. While they loved the idea, they weren’t ready to offer such a product.

Magnetic Glassboard from Glassboard Studio & NotableInk
Magnetic Glassboard Collab with Glassboard Studio

Next, I communicated with a company on Etsy for a few months and when that didn’t work out, I found Glassboard Studio. Glassboard Studio is a family-owned company based in Utah. Bill Reynolds the owner established Glassboard Studio in 2018 with the mission to create high-quality glass whiteboards as functional art. | Magnetic Glass Board

Now, these glass whiteboards are meant to hang on walls. There are a variety of designs including calendars, goal trackers, meal planners, and art prints.

The Design

What caught my attention were the Create Your Own and magnetic options. I figured I could create my own design and lay it on my desk. So I created a graphic with pretty peonies and a measurement grid to fit the board and placed my custom order.

Gel Press backgrounds on magnetic glassboard
Gel Press Printing

In the order notes, I explained the function of the craft board and asked if they could double-check the dimensions as I needed the 1-inch and 1/4-inch grids to be true to size.

Shannon Clouse from Glassboard Studio reached out to let me know the graphic would work great. I asked if they had an affiliate program and though they did not, Shannon offered to list my design as a collaboration product. Well I nearly fell out of my chair I was so excited.

Copic coloring on magnetic glass board
Copic Coloring Digital Stamp

The Deal

So what does that mean exactly? That means this board is available for purchase on their website. Now I figured you wouldn’t want my name on your board, so I added measurements down the right-hand side in lieu of my name.

I receive a small commission for sales I refer and you receive a 20% discount code to use. Use code AMBER20 to receive 20% off the full range of products on their site. Your discount is not limited to my design. How sweet is that?!

20% Off Code AMBER20 | Magnetic Glass Board for Crafting

This board measures 13.5 x 18-inches. However, 9 x 12 and 18 x 24-inch boards are also available in this design. There are larger whiteboards available on their site, however, I didn’t think there would be a demand for larger than 18 x 24-inches.

Daniel Smith Swatch Book Series
A New Daniel Smith Swatch Book Video & Digi Stamp Coming Soon!

White Glass Mat

Florals, not your thing? No worries, a plain white version is now available per customer request! I also darkened the midlines and extended the half-inch measurement lines for ease of use. The floral measurement grids have been updated as well.

Your Feedback

I’d love to know what you think of our new magnetic glassboard and whether or not you’d be interested in more designs. If so, what type of designs? I can’t wait to hear from you in the comments below!

Many thanks to Shannon and Bill at Glassboard Studio for collaborating with me. I absolutely love my new board and I’m thrilled to offer it to you too!!

・・・ Thank You ・・・


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  1. Janet Axtman says:

    Hi Amber. I love your white board and hearing about your journey to get exactly what you wanted. So cool they partnered with you like they did. I need a white board and have resisted the Tim Holtz one because it’s black and I wanted one white for the reasons you mentioned. Glad I happened to come by to see your site and that I caught this post. I ordered one today! Can’t wait to show it off on my channel and blog. 🙂 Janet – SugarShine Designs

  2. Also, you sound much better. I hope you are feeling better as well!

  3. Wow, Amber! You always know exactly what I wanted and needed! Unfortunately, I JUST bought a new ugly glass matte. I am sooooo going to see if I can return that one so that I can have this one!! I need to take a clue from you and reach out to store owners more & ask questions to get what I want. You are so awesome!

  4. Oh my!!! This is like my dream comes true! All in one glass board. Brilliant idea, Amber. I need to check on this. Thank you so much for the discount code.

    1. Forgot to ask… Amber, does the coupon code have expiration date or not? Thanks!

      1. Thanks so much, Helen! Nope, there’s no expiration date. Use it when you need it. Thanks again!

        1. Helen Gullett says:

          Awesome!!! Thank you so much Amber.

  5. Angelica Conrad says:

    This is beautiful, Amber. Congratulations. What happens when you put your MISTI magnets on the board? Are they hard to take off?

    1. Hey lady! Thanks a bunch. The MISTI magnets don’t hold as strongly. They move around more and are easy to remove. I have a bit of tape on my MISTI magnets to grab them. The MISTI corners didn’t stay in place at all.

      The off-brand bar magnet I have held better, but still not as strong as the Pawn Magnets I purchased from Glassboard Studio. Those are out of stock on their site, so they recommended searching “magnets for glass whiteboards” on Amazon. I hope that helps.

  6. This is so pretty yet practical. If I did not already have a glass mat and the metal craft station I would be getting this. Congrats on the idea and creation.

  7. Vonda M. Winkler says:

    Are the magnets under the board strong enough to hold wafer dies in place on the top?

    1. Hi, Vonda,
      The metal on the back of the board is only metal, not a magnet. The magnets are used on the top of the board. So it wouldn’t work the way you’re envisioning it. Wouldn’t that be cool if it did though?