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5 Easy Ways To Use Petal Washi Tape

Learn 5 ways to use petal washi tape in your paper crafting projects. Pair petal washi tape with other washi and Gel Press printing to create a mixed media layered look with an artsy vibe. Read on for a coupon code to shop at The Washi Tape Shop.

How To Use Washi Tape Video

All the details to use washi tape 5 ways are in this short cardmaking video tutorial. Watch it here or in HD on YouTube. While you’re there I’d love it if you like, subscribe, and share with friends.

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Purple Picturesque Flower Petal Washi Set

Petal washi tape is new to me, however, it’s been around for a year or two. It’s a unique type of washi tape where individual petals are removed from the tape roll. Simply combine the petals to create a bloom. Check out the full range of washi tape from The Washi Tape Shop.

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2 Ways To Use Petal Washi Tape

3D Flower Elements

As you can see above, there are 6 washi tapes included in the Purple Picturesque Washi Flower set. I’ll be using three in today’s video and projects. Below I used the Frangipani washi tape to create easy 3-dimensional plumeria flowers.

How to use Petal Washi Tape

Watch the video for a simple tip to prevent the upper 2/3 of the petals from sticking to each other. In addition, to Purple Picturesque I layered Journal Memory Washi Tape and butterfly wings for more interest. The hello sentiment is stamped on a label from the 60 Piece Vintage Kraft Stickers set.

Color Your Washi Tape

Customize your washi tape by coloring it. Plumeria flowers come in range of beautiful colors. While this tape set only includes a yellow and white flower the tape can be colored with Copic markers, color pencils, or other coloring media to customize the blooms.

How to use washi tape

3rd Way To Use Petal Washi Tape

Long-Stem Blooms

Use the same washi tape petals and create more variety with partially open long-stem blooms. As seen in the video, I started each of these projects with Gel Press printing to create textured backdrops for these lovely blooms. In this case, loads of white space sets off these partially opened blooms.

3rd Way to Use Petal Washi Tape

To finish off the blooms, I colored simple stems with Polychromos pencils. Extend the coloring to the base of the blooms for a more cohesive look.

4th Way To Use Petal Washi Tape

Huge 3D Hydrangea

This petal washi tape is unique to the set as it can be used as petals and individual flowers. Several different color variations are included which creates a more realistic effect. As seen here, this washi tape is highly effective when grouped together as a huge hydrangea flower.

4th Way To Use Washi Tape

Here I created several layers of dimension with foam squares stacked one and two squares high. Given this 3-dimensional flower is domed quite high, I’d recommend this card be hand-delivered or delivered in a card box versus a regular envelope. Strips of Spring Blossoms Washi Tape and Journal Memory Washi Tape

5th Way To Use Petal Washi Tape

Pressed Flowers

To be sure this is the easiest way to use petal washi tape is to use it for pressed flowers. Simply adhere it to your card, scrapbook, and other papercraft projects and a stem. Because washi tape is semi-transparent you can see through the petals just as you would with real pressed flowers.

5th Way To Use Petal Washi Tape

Here I paired the pressed flowers with Map Memory Washi Tape and a torn piece of gel printed paper. Again color the base of the petals to complete the look of the stem. And that’s a wrap on 5 ways to use petal washi tape.

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    WOW! These flowers were so realistic and lovely, especially the Hydrangea. Very interesting and a new company to explore. Thank you so much for all the tips and techniques to make these lovely flowers.