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Chameleon Heat Embossing With Easy Color Change Effect

Hi, friends! Today, I’m sharing simple chameleon heat embossing. Create a color change effect with one translucent embossing powder.

Chameleon Heat Embossing

All the details to do chameleon heat embossing is in this short cardmaking video tutorial. Watch here or in HD on YouTube. While you’re there we’d love it if you like, subscribe, and share with your crafty friends!

Chameleon Heat Embossing

So what is chameleon heat embossing? Basically, you take advantage of the translucent property of the embossing powder to create a color change effect. 

Chameleon Heat Embossing | Color Change Effect

A translucent powder, such as the WOW! Primary line of powders, will interact with the color underneath. Here I’ve chosen to ink blend a teal ombre background with Altenew Sea Shore Crisp Dye Inks. I’ve heat embossed WOW! Christmas Baubles with Primary Marshmallow Embossing Powder.

As you can see, the baubles at the top appear dark teal, blend into purple, and then end as a light pink as they interact/mix with the ombre background. Merry Christmas shows the true color of Primary Marshmallow.

The colors of the second card are flip-flopped. The background is ink blended with three pink inks from Altenew Spring Bouquet Crisp Dye Ink set and the baubles are heat embossed with Primary Bluetiful.

WOW! Primary Marshmallow & Primary Bluetiful Embossing Powders

Of course, you can get quite creative with your colors. Instead of ink blending with one color family, you could choose several different colors. However, you want to be mindful of your color wheel. 

Let’s say for instance you ink blended purple and blue to fade out to white. And then heat embossed with a yellow translucent powder. Some of the embossing over the purple may turn brown, but this may be just the effect you’re going for with an Autumn card. So, lots of experimentation is in order!

Thanks for joining me today. Stay tuned for traditional colored Christmas Baubles in my next post. See you soon!

Copic Gingerbread House Bouquet | Alex Syberia Design

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Chameleon Heat Embossing | Color Change Effect


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