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Inktober Tangles 2018: Mooka

Anytime I can pair Zentangle® with card making, I’m down! Inktober 2018 is in full swing and this year I’m participating. You can find a list of the tangle prompts here provided by Stephanie Jennifer, CZT.

Zentangle® for Cardmakers Inktober 2018: Mooka

I started this Zentangle® project with a non-traditional canvas. Typically a white 3.5″ square tile is used to tangle, however being a card maker, I opted for this vibrant Bazzill 3×3 Scalloped Mini Folded Card in Intense Kiwi. Get yours at CutCardStock.com.

Zentangle® for Cardmakers Inktober 2018: Mooka

I’ll also be using a Sakura Pigma Micron 01 pen, General’s White Charcoal pencil, and Copic sketch markers in YG13, YG17, & YG67. 

Zentangle® for Cardmakers Inktober 2018: Mooka

Start by placing a light dot with a graphite pencil in each of the 4 corners about 1 cm from the edge. Connect the dots lightly with a pencil.

I then added a random sampling of mooka fronds in varied sizes for added interest. My group of mooka radiated from the left bottom corner, however your arrangement can be completely different. No two tiles, or in this case cards, will be alike.

Once the mooka were complete, I started to add filler with orbs, small round imperfect circles. This pattern is called tipple and is amazing to fill areas. I also added some curved lines in between some of the mooka fronds. These resemble bee hives, but don’t have a specific pattern name.

Zentangle® for Cardmakers Inktober 2018: Mooka

I added weight to the border and rounded the negative space at the mooka heads and where they touched the border. This rounding adds drama, contrast, & interest to the composition.

Once the inking was complete, I shaded the patterns with Copic markers and white charcoal pencil. When shading is complete add your chop to the front which is an artistic representation of your initials or name. Mine located under the largest mooka, and reads, ARD, for my initials.

Zentangle® for Cardmakers Inktober 2018: Mooka

Be sure to sign and date the back of your tile or card, hold it out and appreciate your work from different angles. 

I hope you enjoyed this card today and are inspired to give Zentangle® a try. Get creative and remember to Breathe · Ink · Inspire.


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