Is Your Floral Stamp Too Intricate? Nope, Try This!

If you think your floral stamp is too intricate for coloring, try this! Sometimes the amount of detail in an image is too much for black ink and you need a different approach. This post features the February 2020 subscription box stamps.

Is your floral stamp too intricate?

YouTube Tutorial | Is your floral stamp too intricate? Nope, try this!

Watch this short video to learn how I simplified this intricate floral stamp for Copic coloring. Watch here or in HD on YouTube.

Ditch the Black Ink

After stamping in black ink, I realized so much of the detail became solid blocks of color. So I ditched the black ink and stamped it with light green ink. The light green ink allowed me to add details to the flower centers and rework the design as desired.

Ditch the black ink

Since I Copic colored the flowers with B00, B02, B04, and B06 this didn’t result in a no-line effect. There were still lines, just a different color. I opted for simple sketchy coloring to add texture and interest.

Is your floral stamp too intricate?

I hope you enjoyed this technique today and feel inspired to try something new with your intricate stamps. This is my last post with The Hedgehog Hollow. It’s hard to believe I’ve been with the team for a year! I’ve had a blast collaborating with the Hedgehog team and am so grateful they invited me to join the fun.

Huge thanks to you guys for all your encouragement and lovely comments along the way.

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  1. Inkin' Chickie says:

    This is a great way to show how to change up an image. It went from being very dark and heavy to much more light and breezy. Great video on the process. I like how it’s explained and shown, yet in a reasonable watch time.

  2. Your card is so pretty and I really liked the difference the green ink made. Thanks for sharing that technique; I cannot wait to try this with some of my floral stamps.