Mgill Zentangle® Step Out

This pattern like so many others was inspired by nature. MGill, or mushroom gills, is a focal tangle. It can be stacked or layered to add dimension and movement to your tile.

MGill Zentangle Pattern Step Out

MGill Zentangle Pattern Step Out

MGill Sample Tiles

Here you can see MGill is bent to suggest an ocean current.

MGill, Jelly Legs, Gumbug Zentangle

In this tile, MGill tucked into ruutz with a variation of crescent moon.

MGill, Ruutz, Crescent Moon Zentangle

Here MGill is framed by Bamwhat.

MGill and Bamwhat Zentangle Patterns

Here, MGill is featured as a mono tangle.

Happy tangling! Be creative and Breathe · Ink · Inspire

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