Clean & Simple Cards | Altenew Build-A-Flower: Coneflower

Do you struggle with clean & simple card designs like me? Learn some tips for creating easy CAS cards featuring the new Altenew Build-A-Flower: Coneflower set.

Many thanks to fellow Altenew Educator, Terri Koszler, for relaying you over to my blog. If you’d like to start at the beginning, visit the Altenew Card Blog.

Clean and simple is the most difficult style for me to pull off. I love other artists’ CAS designs, but when I do it, it feels unfinished. As a result, I typically continue to add to the design until it’s no longer CAS. The struggle is real!

Single Bloom Clean & Simple Card

One of the easiest ways to keep it clean and simple is to feature a single bloom or focal element. Build-A-Flower: Coneflower lends itself perfectly to single bloom clean & simple design because the flower, stem, and leaves offer a complete package.

In addition, the stem is perfectly curved to hug a sentiment creating a beautifully balanced composition.

Here I used Enchanted Garden, Green Valley, and Pocketful of Sunshine Crisp Dye Ink families for the layered stamping. And, I finished the card with Tropical Forest Enamel Dots.

Stamp it, add a triangle of embellishments and walk away. Fight the urge to add more!

Mostly Outlines CAS Card

Another way to keep you designs clean & simple is to use mostly outline stamping. Here I’ve stamped the outline image in Winter Lake Crisp Dye Ink.

I minimized the addition of color by stamping only the final detail layer for the center and petals. This leaves a lot more white space and keeps the design light and airy.

The centers are stamped with Warm Sunshine and the petals with Polar Bear Crisp Dye Inks. The sentiment is stamped with Arctic Mountain the darkest color in the Northern Shore Crisp Dye Ink family.

It always feels weird to create a card without any black. Is that just me?? To simplify the creation of this card, I did not use any masking, but of course, you could.

That’s all there is to it. Keep it clean, keep it simple.

More Clean & Simple

Need a bit more clean & simple inspiration. Stick to a limited color palette and keep the actual coloring to a minimum.

Learn more.

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To celebrate this release, Altenew is giving away a $50 gift certificate to 2 lucky winners and a $20 gift certificate to 5 winners! Please leave a comment on the Altenew Card Blog and/or each designer’s blog post on the blog hop list below by 04/07/2021 for a chance to win.

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The next stop of the hop is the talented Amanda Baldwin. She’s sure to delight you with her creations. For the full list of artists visit the Altenew Card Blog.


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  1. Judy Price says:

    I love your CAS cards! Beautiful cards, done lickety-split!

  2. Connie I Hoffman says:

    Love this clean and simple look!

  3. Very beautiful cards!

  4. Roberta S. says:

    Beautiful coneflowers either way colored in or simple outline stamped on a splash of color background.

  5. Inkin' Chickie says:

    Great color shares. I like the minimal look.

  6. Love the simplicity of your cards!

  7. Mendy Crumpton says:

    Love your cards, the purple is so pretty but that clean and simple is just eye catching.

  8. Cheryl Dietrich says:

    I hadn’t even thought of doing such soft colors. Love it.

  9. Clean, simple, and beautiful!

  10. Elizabeth Kuhn says:

    Yes! Thank you for keeping it simple and sweet…that is how we learn basic technique and build from there. It’s super helpful to see as a beginner

  11. Karen B Walker says:

    Love your CAS designs—gorgeous!

  12. eleanor+chua says:

    Clean, simple & pretty

  13. Love the second card for it’s simplicity. It has such impact.

  14. I am new to cardmaking and stamping. I might be able to try this, thanks for sharing.

  15. Lauryne Cunningham says:

    Sometimes CAS is the way to go. I love your cards! Just gorgeous!

  16. Love your style. Your work is always an inspiration.

  17. Denise Bryant says:

    Pretty cards with these beautiful coneflowers! Love the way you colored them!

  18. Susan Babcock says:

    The black white and yellow card really looks good with the coneflower. Very nice.

  19. Melissa Leftrick says:

    These are stunning!!!

  20. Jennifer Finch says:

    This came out great.

  21. Bobbie Hahn says:

    Simply beautiful cards, thank you!

  22. Nicki Baxley says:

    I love your clean and simple look!

  23. A always your cards are gorgeous, Amber! I love your simple designs! Thanks so much for the inspiration! Stay safe! 🙂

  24. So very pretty. Thanks for sharing

  25. Gayle Hicks says:

    Soft colors, but the simplicity make them pop!

  26. Katie Baird says:

    Clean and simple cards are a struggle for me. You have them mastered!! So pretty.

  27. Very pretty cards!
    Thanks for sharing.

  28. Sharon L Gullikson says:

    The purple and orangey color look very pretty together. Nice

  29. I agree it is hard to do a clean and simple look, but trust me, your cards are just stunning! I think this BAF coneflower is big enough to take center stage with little other embellishment. You knocked it out of the park, Amber!

  30. Carolyn Reiners says:

    This flower looks beautiful in any color. Great job.

  31. Oh my! The minimal color card is such a WOW! Love it and this set.

  32. Two absolutely gorgeous cards!! I love how clean and simple they are but how amazingly they pop with those beautiful flowers!

  33. Stacey Kowbel says:

    Oooh, gorgeous designs! I love both styles!

  34. Definitely CAS and beautiful in the simplicity. Thanks for the CAS suggestions and the inspiration. I really like the second card for the flower layout especially.

  35. Marisela Delgado says:

    Such beautiful cards!

  36. Dorothy Ayotte says:

    Great CAS cards! I really like the look- very artsy. Your first layered card was made with such beautiful lavender colors! Still clean and simple.

  37. Mary Ann Reilly says:

    Blue and purple flowers are always my favorite so I’m especially drawn to these. I just love the feeling of movement in this stamp set and the way you let that shine.

  38. Linda Conway says:

    Love your clean and simple cards. I laughed out loud at the triangle of embellishments and WALK AWAY !

  39. Candace Bunch says:

    Simple. Perfect. You knocked it out of the ball park. Thanks so much!

  40. Meghan Kennihan says:

    Perfect CAS designs! I LOVE the yellow centers!

  41. Kristine Boydstun says:

    Beautiful!! I love the look of white space, but always get carried away as well.

  42. Very pretty! Love the clean and simple look!

  43. Cyndi+Morris says:

    I definitely love clean and simple card designs, and this wonderful coneflower is perfect for it. Your cards are gorgeous.

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    Beautiful cards! Love the clean and simple design. Thanks for sharing.

  45. Yvonne Boucher says:

    Love these cards, Amber. Clean and simple and lovely!

  46. Roxanne Tellini says:

    I love the whisper of Polar Bear Crisp for the petals. It is really pretty. CAS success.

  47. Janet Castle says:

    May be clean and simple, but to me they are absolutely beautiful!
    Paper Hugs,

  48. Hadassah Deramus says:

    Soft, simple, and stunning

  49. Joni Mastronardi says:

    Gorgeous cards

  50. LaQuieta Gibson says:

    Very cute and beautiful cards love the soft colors

  51. BKWALSTON says:

    I love these coneflowers! Thanks for the inspiration! Love the simplicity of your cards!

  52. Maureen Reiss says:

    These are Absolutely Beautiful!!!!