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Color Pencils For Beginners

I’m excited to share color pencil tips for beginners as I color the Summer Wreath Digi Stamp by the one and only, Alex Syberia. Have you seen her new release yet? There are new amazing florals for you to color!

Color Pencils for Beginners | Alex Syberia Design

Color Pencils for Beginners

I’ve been using my color pencils more frequently lately and I’m more comfortable with the process. I’ve even tackled some large flower arrangements!

I won’t say coloring comes effortlessly to me, I’m no expert. However, my mind is able to drift away and relax while I color. I consider this a huge accomplishment and it’s joy to relax!

This wasn’t always the case, so felt this was a good time to share some tips with new colorers. Of course there’s no replacement for time and practice, however these tips may help you skip some of the hurdles I experienced.

YouTube Tutorial | Color Pencils for Beginners

As I color this gorgeous Summer Wreath with Polychromos pencils, I share tips on color pencils for beginners and some issues I had when I started coloring.

The tips in this video and post are not all inclusive. This is a large topic and I’ll continue to share tips with each new color pencil post. I share my opinion on my brands of color pencils below because that isn’t covered in the video.

Color Pencils

Color pencil sets are an investment so you’ll want to put some thought into what the best option is for you. I have 2 sets, Prismacolor 150 pencil set and Polychromos 36 pencil set, so these are the ones I’ll discuss.

My first set was Prismacolor and I was overwhelmed by 150 color choices. As a new colorer, it was too much for me. Also, in the beginning, I colored with a heavy hand which resulted in a waxy finish with the Prismacolor pencils.

Color Pencils for Beginners | Alex Syberia Design

In an attempt to avoid the waxy finish, I purchased a set of Polychromos pencils. This time I limited myself to a 36 color set and choosing colors for projects was more manageable.

There are plenty of dark and mid-tone options, however this set lacks lighter shades. Fortunately, Polychromos pencils are available for open stock purchase. Hence, I plan to get some lighter shades.

Color Pencils for Beginners | Alex Syberia Design

I prefer Polychromos pencils because I’m able to blend colors without the waxy finish. There are lots of YouTube videos comparing color pencils, so I definitely recommend watching those before you purchase.

If you have a favorite brand of color pencils please share it with me below. I’d love to know what you all are using! Thanks for stopping by! I’ll be back soon with more inspiration, until then Breathe · Ink · Inspire.


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