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Fear Of Mistakes | Know When To Persist Or Quit

Fear of mistakes, know when to persist, or quit! Fear of mistakes can stunt your creativity and hold back your talent. But, how do you know when to persist and when to quit a project? Giveaway info below!

Fear of Mistakes Know When to Persist Or Quit

I share the good, the bad, and the ugly in my latest Altenew Color Connection episode featuring Happy Pomegranates Stamp Set and the color scheme from the Altenew Inspiration Challenge.

All the details, including the total fails, are in this short cardmaking video tutorial. Watch here or in HD on YouTube. While you’re there I’d love it if you like, subscribe, and share it with your crafty friends!

Fear of Cardmaking Mistakes

Typically, I’m a pretty fearless crafter. But, this crafty session started off rocky and shook my confidence. These three attempts were a hot mess of bad decisions one after the other. However, I don’t consider them a waste of time as each was an opportunity to learn.

They are a result of using too much water, terrible color mixing, poor color choice, and shabby coloring. After three attempts with frustrating results, I realized I needed to moveon.org and regroup.

My design idea and unsatisfying execution weren’t inspiring me and if I didn’t move on, I was at risk of losing my mojo completely.

Move On For Success

As you can see, I moved on to Altenew Stripe Builder Stencil. It wasn’t a huge change, but it was enough to rest and regroup. This time I chose a wet on dry technique to keep the lines nice and crisp.

Fear of Mistakes Know When to Persist Or Quit

The small success of the striped background panel was enough to relax me and allow me to creatively loosen up. So, while the stripes were drying, I watercolor stamped the Happy Pomegranates card below.

The watercolor outline alone looked a bit lonely so I decided to paint it. Here I had no expectations and no plan in mind other than no-line watercolor. This creative freedom was exactly what I needed to reboot.

Fear of Mistakes Know When to Persist Or Quit

And as you can see, the results were stunning. Watch the video for the process. Now that I was feeling a bit more confident, I stamped another set of pomegranates for the striped panel.

Fear of Cardmaking Mistakes #2

The watercolor stamped outline alone was completely lost on the striped background. So I started to paint it with the same technique.

However, I was extremely cautious because I had already stamped, die-cut, and popped up the panel. I was scared to make a mistake and it held me back.

Fear of Mistakes Stunts Creativity
Left: Afraid to make a mistake
Right: Creative freedom

The pomegranates on the left are a result of being afraid to make a mistake. The results on the right show creative freedom. I painted the ones on the right first! The ones on the left are ok, but there isn’t much contrast so they are flat and a little boring.

Know When To Persist

Not only did I know for a fact I could paint better pomegranates I was also inspired by this project. I just had to persist!

Fear of Mistakes

I mixed more paint and pushed myself to fearlessly add another layer. And check it out, I’m so glad I stuck with it! These pomegranates turned into one of my favorite watercolor projects ever.

So there you have it. Don’t let the fear of cardmaking mistakes hold you back. Throw caution to the wind and create fearlessly. After all, it’s just a bit of paper and I’m willing to bet your cup of coffee cost more than that piece of paper.

Fear of Mistakes Know When to Persist Or Quit
Fear of Mistakes Know When to Persist Or Quit

If you missed my last Color Connection video featuring the September Inspiration Challenge Color scheme, watch it here or in HD on YouTube.

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