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Easy Watercolor Stamping Two Ways | Tonic Studios Heartfelt Corsage

Create no-coloring cards with easy watercolor stamping two ways! Learn two easy watercolor stamping techniques featuring Tonic Studios Heartfelt Corsage.

Tonic Studios Heartfelt Corsage Blog Hop

Welcome to the blog hop and my blog if this is your first time here! Big thanks to Tonic Studios and Maria for inviting me to guest design. To start at the beginning of the hop, head to the Tonic Studios UK Blog.

Tonic Studios Heartfelt Corsage

Heartfelt Corsage & Happy Mail Envelope Sets

I am delighted to share that the incredibly talented Maria Willis inspired these gorgeous new stamps and dies!

Heartfelt Corsage Stamp & Die set and Happy Mail Envelope Stamp Set are exclusive to Tonic Studios. They are limited, and once they’re gone they’re gone. So get yours fast. This new Stamp Club releases the last Friday of each month and is not part of a subscription program.

The stamps and dies come in a heavy-duty binder pouch that pairs perfectly with Tonic’s A5 Ringbinder Die Case.

Let’s Create!

All the details for easy watercolor stamping two ways are in this short cardmaking video tutorial. Watch it here or in HD on YouTube. While you’re there, I’d love it if you like, subscribe, and share it with your crafty friends!

Why Easy Watercolor Stamping?

If you are new to my blog, I LOVE coloring floral stamps, especially large ones. So, the Heartfelt Corsage Stamp & Die Set ticks all my boxes.

Even though coloring is my jam, I recognize it’s not everyone’s. Therefore, I offer a variety of techniques on my blog and YouTube channel to appeal to both colorists and those who don’t fancy coloring. Easy watercolor stamping is perfect for everyone!

Easy Watercolor Stamping Two Ways
Daniel Smith Watercolor | New Gamboge, Pyrrol Crimson, Sap Green

Watercolor Stamping Process

Watercolor stamping works best with a MISTI or other stamp positioner to allow multiple impressions. However, I did some stamping on the envelope with an acrylic block.

Pick up your chosen watercolor with a damp paintbrush and dab it onto the stamp. It’s okay if there are some heavily saturated areas and blobs of paint, this creates the watercolor look.

Stamp and repeat as needed. Whether you do one color at a time or all the colors at once, the results are fabulous.

Easy Watercolor Stamping Two Ways
Easy Watercolor Stamping – Outline Only

Why Is Color Temperature Important?

If your secondary colors are sometimes bright and sometimes dull, and you don’t know why consider the temperature of the paints you’re mixing.

Here I used Daniel Smith New Gamboge (warm yellow), Pyrrol Crimson (cool red), and Sap Green (warm green). As you can see the mix of yellow and red here is a dull orange due to mixed color temperatures. I love that earthy look!

But, if you prefer a clean bright orange, use warm yellow and warm red, such as New Gamboge and Pyrrol Scarlet.

In the video, I said I used Pyrrol Scarlet it was Pyrrol CRIMSON.

To learn more about mixing bright and dull secondary colors, check out this video. Teoh Yi Chie breaks it down into understandable concepts you can put into practice.

Blended Easy Watercolor Stamping

To elevate the look, try blending the watercolor stamped outline with a damp brush.

Easy Watercolor Stamping Two Ways
Easy Watercolor Stamping – Blended Outline with Damp Brush

Initially, I thought I would need to use additional paint to fill in the petals. However, I found that teasing the color out with a damp brush did the trick nicely.

If additional saturation is needed, pick up some color from the watercolor pans. Which look do you prefer? I can’t decide.

Custom Envelope & A Shorty

Next, I wanted to switch up the color scheme and felt a slimline card would fit the small floral frame well. A typical slimline card is 3.5 x 8.5-inches. When that’s too tall for my design, I opt for a shorty or 3.5 x 7-inches.

Easy Watercolor Stamping Two Ways | Custom Envelope
Daniel Smith Watercolor | Quinacridone Purple & Viridian

For the envelope, I either create a custom envelope or send it in a regular slimline envelope. If you created a 3.5 x 6.25-inch card you could use a business #6 envelope which measures 3.625 x 6.5-inches. So many options!

Happy Mail Envelope Stamp Set
I’ll be sending this card to my friend Teri Wilson @terismailbox

Happy Mail Envelope Stamp Set is perfect for addressing and adorning your envelopes. To create this envelope I used an 8.75 inch square piece of watercolor paper and the We R Memory Keepers 1-2-3 Punch Board.

The measurements on the board were a bit off and I needed to trim two of the corners. The We R Memory Keepers Envelope Generator App may be a better bet as it recommends an 8 5/8 piece of paper.

Easy Watercolor Stamping Two Ways

As you can see, I used the same process for stamping only this time I used Daniel Smith Quinacridone Purple and Viridian paint.

Although I attempted to watercolor stamp the thank you sentiment, I opted to re-stamp with navy pigment ink for clarity.

Pin It

If you love it, pin it, and share it with your crafty friends! Visit me on Pinterest for more design inspiration, patterns, and color combinations.


Need a bit more inspiration? Try easy watercolor stamping with metallic paint and solid stamps.

Learn more in this short cardmaking video tutorial.


One lucky winner will win a £100/$100 Gift card to Tonic Studios! To enter leave a comment on every blog post in the hop. The winner will be announced by Tonic Studios on October 2nd, 2020.

Tonic Studios Heartfelt Corsage

Next Stop

The next stop on the hop is Christine Smith. The full list of talented artists is below. If you encounter any broken links along the hop, head on over to the Tonic Studios Blog, and they’ll get ya hopping again in a jiffy!

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