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Foolproof Watercolor Cards | Color Connection

Fear of loose watercolor? Gain confidence with these foolproof watercolor cards! I’m back with another episode of Altenew Color Connection with Amber. Learn, have fun, be inspired, and connect with me!

Foolproof Watercolor Cards | Altenew Color Connection with Amber

In each Color Connection episode, I create projects with the current Altenew Inspiration Challenge color palette. This month’s challenge is being hosted by Jaycee Gaspar from our Video Inspiration Team.

Feeling inspired? Enter your projects in the challenge for a chance to win a $30 gift card to shop Altenew.

Altenew June 2020 Inspiration Challenge

Details to create these foolproof watercolor cards are in this short card making technique video tutorial. Watch here or in HD on YouTube. While you’re there I’d love it if you like, subscribe, and share with friends!

Foolproof Watercolor & Coffee With A Splash

While brown is not a typical goto design color for me, it’s perfect for coffee and tea-themed cards. And, what could be easier than a coffee spill?

Start by swiping a brush filled with clean clear water over the watercolor paper. Here I used, a piece of Altenew Watercolor Paper Set, which. is pre-cut to 4.25 x 5.5-inches.

Be generous with the water. Leave white space in between each of the swipes. Keep the swipes of water connected to allow separate colors to mix.

Laying down water first will prevent the watercolor pigment from immediately absorbing into the paper and allow the pigments to move. Drop-in Cool Summer Nights and Coffee Break Altenew Artists Watercolor and tilt the paper to move the pigments.

As you can see, the blue mixed slightly with the brown. Set the panel aside to air dry and repeat if greater saturation is desired. Air drying minimizes warping which occurs more frequently with heat drying due to the cotton fibers quickly contracting.

All that’s left is to stamp a coffee or teacup and sentiments from Altenew Coffee With A Splash Stamp Set with Obsidian Pigment Ink. I imagine the brown as spilled coffee and the blue as steam from the cup.

Foolproof Watercolor with Rose Bouquet Stencil

Creating a beautiful loose watercolor image is as easy as choosing your stencil. For this handmade card, I chose Altenew Rose Bouquet Stencil as it fills an A2 sized panel beautifully.

For best results, spray the back of the stencil with a temporary adhesive such as Pixie Spray. Without a temporary adhesive, watercolor will seep under the stencil and eliminate the white negative areas.

After the stencil is temporarily adhered to the watercolor panel, drop-in clean clear water with a brush. I recommend doing one bloom at a time to ensure the water doesn’t dry too quickly. Next, drop in the desired pigment. Here I used Cool Summer Night, Sea Shore, and Coffee Break Artists Watercolor.

Gently peel off the stencil and allow the panel to air dry. The texture created by the wet on wet technique and hard edges created by the stencil is gorgeous!

Finally, splatter the panel with Jet Black Ink Spray and add a sentiment from Sentiment Strips 2 Stamp Set. That’s it guys, easy peasy foolproof watercolor!

Let me know what other Altenew stencils you think would be great for this technique.

Easy Color Blocking

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Altenew June 2020 Inspiration Challenge

We’d love to see what you’re creating. Play along with the challenge and you could win one of four $30 gift cards to shop Altenew.

Visit the June 2020 Altenew Inspiration Challenge page for more inspiration from Jaycee and information on how to enter the challenge.


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