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How To Layer Stamp White Flowers | Altenew Blog Hop

Learn how to layer stamp white flowers featuring Altenew Spotted Orchid. Happy New Year and welcome to the Altenew Fresh Start Blog Hop.

Altenew Fresh Start Blog Hop

Many thanks to one of my favorite designers, Therese Calvird, for relaying you over to my blog. To start at the beginning visit the Altenew Card Blog.

Layer Stamp White Flowers | Dexter Returns 2021

The first thing I thought of when I saw Altenew’s Spotted Orchid Stamp Set was the episode of Dexter where Hannah gave Dexter a white orchid plant that looked like it was spattered with blood. Do you know the episode? And did you know Dexter is coming back for Season 9 in 2021?! So excited!

My next thought was how the heck do you layer stamp white flowers?? So all the details are in this card making video tutorial. I share two colorways. Watch here or in HD on YouTube. While you’re there I’d love it if you like, subscribe, and share with friends.

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Altenew Fresh Start Full Release

Let’s take a closer look at the Altenew Fresh Start Release. There are so many great products in this release. I limited myself to just a few and have added others to my wish list. Do you have a favorite?

Altenew Fresh Start Full Release

Layer Stamp White Flowers

Sometimes you get a card idea and it just has to be made. That was the case with this Dexter returns card today. It took a bit of experimentation to figure out how to get the look of white flowers AND create shadow an contrast.

Dexter Season 9 themed handmade card

Tips for Stamping White Flowers

The first tip is to skip the first most solid layer of the stamp layering set. The solid layer is meant to add a base color to the flower. However, in this case, I wanted the base to be white.

Layer Stamp White Flowers

The second tip is to utilize second generation stamping to create a lighter shade of your dye ink. Simply ink up your stamp, stamp off on a scratch piece of paper, and then stamp your project with the left over ink on the stamp. This results in the lighter colors needed for white flowers.

White Flower Layer Stamp Ink Formula

Here’s a run down of the inks I used for each layer of the Spotted Orchid Stamp Set. I used second generation stamping with each layer unless otherwise noted. For an even brighter white flower try eliminating Layer A1 and A2.

Layer StampCrisp Dye Ink
A1Did not use
A2Polar Bear
A4Limestone / Polar Bear
A5 (center only)Pure Graphite (full strength)
A5Silver Stone
B1, C1, D1Frayed Leaf (full strength)
B2, C2, D2Forest Glades (full strength)
B3, C3, D3Evergreen (full strength)
Layer Stamp White Flowers

Dexter Returns Theme

To complete the Dexter theme, I die cut Dexter from red cardstock with the Fine Alphabet Die Set. I grounded the die cut sentiment with a subsentiment I printed on white cardstock.

Lastly, I splattered the orchids with a thick mixture of Red Sunset watercolor from the Artist Watercolor 24 Pan set to mimic blood spatter. And as seen in the video, I drew the flower stem with Green Fields Artist Markers.

Bonus Card

Although this card didn’t make it into the video, I do want to share it so you have some variety. Because hey, Dexter isn’t everyone’s jam.

Altenew Illusion Heart Die Set & Instant Rainbow Washi Tape
Illusion Heart Die Set & Instant Rainbow Washi Tape

Full confession, I thought my sentiment read, All You Need Is Love. It wasn’t until after my photos were edited I realized my error. So just think of the heart as another LOVE and it all makes sense. Right, who’s with me?

Altenew Illusion Heart Die Set

・・・ Thank You ・・・


$300 in total prizes! To celebrate this release, Altenew is giving away a $50 gift certificate to 2 lucky winners and a $20 gift certificate to 10 winners!

Please leave a comment on the Altenew Card Blog and/or each designer’s blog post on the blog hop list below by 01/11/2021 for a chance to win.

Altenew will draw 12 random winners from the comments left on each stop of this blog hop and announce the winners on the Altenew Winners Page on 01/13/2021.

Altenew Free Gift

Next Stop

The next stop on the hop is the lovely Dana Joy. The previous stop was Therese Calvird. Please visit the Altenew Card Blog for the full list of amazing artists.


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  1. Amy Bales says:

    Beautiful bold colors!

  2. Cyndi+Morris says:

    Beautiful! I especially love the Spotted Orchid and your coloring technique is gorgeous. Love this release.

  3. Mary-Anne+V says:

    Such a pretty spotted orchid I also love your heart rainbow card.

  4. Vennese Gordon says:

    All you need is love. Perfect

  5. Elizabeth Kuhn says:

    Very clever with the Dexter announcement. 😆 Love it!

  6. Lauryne Cunningham says:

    I am not familiar with Dexter, but I love the white flowers! The rainbow card is so fun!

  7. Denise Bryant says:

    I love the orchids and the heart die! Beautiful cards!

  8. Lindsey F says:

    Wonderful white orchids! I have actually seen some with red spots, so I didn’t realize they were supposed to be blood. I think I would prefer not to relate such a beautiful flower to that gross person. Ugh.

  9. Your cards are very unique! Thanks for sharing them with us.

  10. What great and useful information. I absolutely love your white orchids!!! I’ve never tried stamping white flowers, but I am now inspired. Thank you for the video.

  11. Julie Greaves says:

    Lovely cards. Thanks so much for the tips on how to stamp white flowers. I love your rainbow heart card and I didn’t even notice the ‘mistake’ till you pointed it out. I read it as the heart being ‘Love’ anyway. Thanks for sharing your always amazing talent and ideas with us. 🙂

  12. Jeanne Beam says:

    Lovely card! I don’t watch Dexter but thanks for sharing your card…

  13. Brenda Aplin says:

    Amber this card is beautiful!! I enjoyed your video of you making this card.

  14. Alli Marie says:

    I just rewatched Dexter before it left Netflix in December, so I vividly remember Hannah and the orchid. Love it!

  15. That Dexter card!! SICK!!! Ew. I could not finish Dexter, so PLEASE DON’T SEND ME THAT CARD!

  16. Amber Bissonnette says:

    Such a great idea making a dexter card!! You captured it perfectly! I am super excited for the return of dexter!! Like many others I was highly disappointed in the ending haha.

  17. Carol E. Wortman says:

    I’ve never seen this Dexter show, but that might be a great Halloween story. Very pretty bright heart.

  18. Bev Karolak says:

    Beautiful card! Great white layering effect. I’ll have to tell my son about the return of Dexter! Thanks for sharing your video! 🙂

  19. MENDY CRUMPTON says:

    Great release! Don’t watch Dexter but got a kick out of the card you made. 🙂

  20. Stunning as always, Amber! Your white flowers are gorgeous! Wonderful new set from Altnew! Thanks so much for sharing and inspiring! Take care! 🙂

  21. Heather DePasquale says:

    Love the red spattered orchid. Many do have that look. Also, can’t go wrong with a rainbow. Love your cards!

  22. ava gavloski says:

    Great presentation of the new release.

  23. Carolyn R says:

    I love the white orchid. Lots of work figuring that combination out. Is Dexter really coming back, I haven’t seen that show in several years.

  24. Talitha Wright says:

    Gorgeous card and great technique. Thanks for the video.

  25. Giselle D. says:

    I haven’t watched Dexter since the first season, it’s a little too gory for me! I didn’t realize it was still being made, hasn’t he killed all the bad guys yet?! Lol! Your card is stunning even if the inspiration is blood! Your second card is much more cheerful so I guess there is a happy balance!

  26. Thank you so much for the inspiration to stamp ‘white’ flowers with depth. But….. you had me when you whispered “Dexter” is returning 🙂

  27. Inkin' Chickie says:

    Not a watcher of that show. Thought it was a neat look until you mentioned the blood splatter. Now I’m not so sure. I did look up some examples of the spotted flower though.

  28. Sara Craig says:

    Not a dexter fan, but super creative way to use the stamp set. I would have never thought to use stamps in that way. Great job.

  29. Pauline Abeysekera says:

    How delightfully macabre! I lost track of Dexter after about 2 seasons but really enjoyed it. I love all the true crime things too. Love your white orchids – genius.

  30. Dexter! Haha, that is a clever approach to the flower. I have a love/hate relationship with that show. It is so dark but he seems like a good person…strange character for sure!

  31. What a cool idea for you to do the Dexter card. We watched all 8 seasons and definitely got the blood spatter references that was Dexter’s specialty. Love the way you did the white flower.

  32. Love this gorgeous orchid & your awesome technique! Thanks for sharing how you acheived it. The cheery heart card really makes me smile!!

  33. First of all… OMG DEXTER IS COMING BACK!!!!! OH MY!!!!!! Of course I remember the episode! I need to rewatch all of DEXTER. I wonder where my DVDs are. LOL!!!!!!
    Second, I can’t believe that is a washi, must have it!

    — Dalis

  34. Tricia Davis says:

    Love the Dexter card!!! Can’t wait to see season 9.

  35. Thank you for sharing the video with the orchid; the card is amazing. Yes I am a Dexter fan.
    The Love in rainbow card is very fun.

  36. Beth Merrill says:

    The white orchids are so lovely! Thanks for the tutorial!

  37. Meghan Kennihan says:


  38. I love Orchids! It is a must for me. Thank you for sharing how to do white flowers, a good technique to know. 2nd generation…..ah yes. I see a few other things I think I “need”. Thanks Amber

  39. Love these two very different cards. I appreciate your chart explaining the layers of colors to create that beautiful white orchid. The rainbow card makes me smile which is always a good thing!

  40. LOVE, LOVE, your helpful videos. I learn so much from your helpful tutorial information. I just love the orchid card and coloring. Just an awesome stamp set and you made it even better with this type of coloring. .

  41. Dorothy Ayotte says:

    I thought your orchid card was lovely until you mentioned Dexter and blood splatter, LOL. I have no idea who Dexter is, but I love the rainbow card with the heart! And you!

  42. Michele W says:

    Your white orchids are amazing but so much work. I would be afraid of removing too much ink with the first generation stamping. I hope Altenew does come out with inks to make stamping white flowers easier. 🙂 The bonus card is fun. It would have been perfect if you’d left off the word “love” but this way it gives the recipient something to think about. Thanks for sharing!

  43. Lori Spitzer says:

    I know about the series Dexter. I had to laugh when I was teaching my class about how the word for “left” in just about any language has a negative connation a/o is a blister to spell (“sinister” in Latin = left; “dexter” in Latin = right…. so the negative feel of “sinister” nowadays vs. words like “dexterous” that connote a positive skill or attribute)… In French, “gauche” (left) vs. “droite” (think: adroit). One of the kids called out “Yeah, but Dexter’s bad, not good!” I had to chuckle since I know about the series even if I have not watched it. Well, I’m happy for its fans that it’s returning. I like the card but love the rainbow one. Full disclosure: I, too, misread the message. I would have explained it the exact same way that you did: count the heart as another representation of the word “love.” Well-done, lady!!

  44. Marisela Delgado says:

    You’re so creative!

  45. Sharon L Gullikson says:

    The dots add so much to the Orchid. So pretty

  46. Love that orchid set, and love your coloring techniques. Also a Dexter fan … can’t wait!!

  47. Nicki Baxley says:

    Love this card!

  48. I have to say your bonus card just cracks me up. I would not have really noticed it. But, hey, we all have done things like that before. You could put a question mark at the end and on the inside say “Pizza helps too”. Ha Ha. Great new products.

  49. Margi Chesbro says:

    Thanks for the detailed technique, so beautiful. I was also a Dexter fan, very funny. Love the orchids, will need to try more white flowers. My Mom has a collection of my handmade cards. She got all the ones that turned out crooked, upside down, were glued shut, had extra ink spots or otherwise cards I could not mail to anyone else. She cherished them!

  50. Sandy Phillips says:

    Love your splatter technique on the orchid card! Genius!

  51. Laurie M Page says:

    I had not thought to use microfiber cloth instead of paper for 2nd generation stamping. Love the texture it gave. Beautifully done orchids

  52. Barb Deichl says:

    These cards are so beautiful. The stamp sets are amazing!

  53. Jamie Yates Mastin says:

    Hilarious, and lovely!

  54. Melissa+Friedrich says:

    Love your white orchids, they are so elegant! The rainbow heart card is so cheerful.

  55. I absolutely love your Dexter card. Didn’t know it was coming back, either, so now I’m even more thrilled. It is a perfect way to showcase that flower. Having the “LOVE” after the rest of the sentiment on your second card works, too. The rainbow effect of the letters draws attention to it first. Great work on these!


    These are the most beautiful floral stamp/die. TFS!

  57. Love your card. Awesome video. Thanks for sharing

  58. thank you for the video! i am looking forward to trying the techniques you shared. Happy New Year!

  59. Taya Faltys Vercelli says:

    I HAD NO IDEA A NEW SEASON OF DEXTER IS COMING! Yes, I had to scream. Huge fan. I LOVE your idea. Need to follow you now.

  60. Susanbcards says:

    So creative! Your card should be picked up for the show. Love that spotted orchid, so pretty.

  61. Cyndy Rogers says:

    Well! As usual, your work is spectacularly gorgeous and the addition of some whimsy is delightful! Although I have no idea wheat Dexter is.. 🙂 Always look forward toyour videos!

  62. Such an awesome card & great tutorial.

  63. Melissa S says:

    This is so cool! Love the splattered look.

  64. Lori Lehnen says:

    The second card is my favorite.
    The rainbow colors are so cheery along with the sentiment.
    Thanks for sharing.

  65. I LOVE your card! I don’t watch Dexter, but I know the premise, and I love how pretty and funny the white orchid with the blood spots is! So clever! maybe I’ll watch it in 20201!

  66. Christy Hawkins says:

    I do like that white layering technique!