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Mixed Media Art Journal Process: How To 001

Want to start a mixed media art journal, but don’t know how? Join me as I break in a new ETCHR journal and share my mixed media art journal process.

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Mixed Media Art Journal Process

As my journey with mixed media continues, I decided to move towards an art journal format. Cards are great, but the canvas size is a bit limiting.

Of course, if you’re struggling with blank page paralysis, an A2 size card can be just what the doctor ordered. That being said, expect to see both mixed media cards and art journal posts on my channels.

Mixed Media Art Journal Process | 001

The process to create this two-page mixed media art journal spread is in the video, so here on the blog, I’ll share close-up images and a bit of info.

How To Mixed Media Art Journal

The Art Journal

First, choose a journal. Consider the size and media you’ll be using before your purchase. I asked for your recommendation on the best watercolor/mixed media journal and the overwhelming response was ETCHR journals. Here I’m using an ETCHR The Perfect Sketchbook A5 watercolor & mixed media journal.

These journals come as a 3 pack so I’m using one for my Daniel Smith Watercolor Swatchbook Series and one for this Mixed Media Art Journal Process series. I’ll save the third one for future projects. You were right, these journals are AMAZING, and working with watercolor is a dream.

The Media

Next up, choose your media and techniques. Many of you have said you love the look of mixed media, but you’re too scared to try it. So what I recommend is to start by choosing 2-3 media and or techniques you love. I’m talking about your favorites, the ones that excite you and really get your creative juices going.

Mixed Media | Gel Press, Zentangle, Watercolor

For me, that’s gel press, watercolor, and Zentangle. If stamping, color pencils, ink blending, heat embossing, die-cutting, etc. are more you’re speed, those work too! Be brave and try something new. Here I tried a bit of lettering with a rigger brush for the first time.

Blank Page Paralysis

Lastly, the struggle is real with blank page paralysis so you have to change your thinking a bit. This isn’t a card or finished artwork piece that you are gifting or selling. It’s your own personal journal. It’s a place to fearlessly experiment with colors, textures, and techniques.

Zentangle, Caran d'Ache Neocolor II, Gel Press printing

Some will work beautifully and some not so much. But, guess what, we’re going to learn a ton from those pages that aren’t our faves. Exit your comfort zone, embrace the mistakes, and that’s where the real creativity starts.

For more Gel Press inspiration, check out the video playlist above and the Gel Press category on the blog.

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  1. Patricia Wilson says:

    Love seeing you do the Zantangle. As I said, I took a class and haven’t done any lately but think it’s time to do more. Thank you and your journal is looking great.