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4 Minute Quick Tip: Quinacridone Watercolor

Learn a quick tip for quinacridone watercolor in this 4-minute video. Are you a beginner? Read on to learn a bit more about quinacridones.

Let’s Talk Quinacridones

Quinacridones are synthetic organic pigments. The tiny pigments are uniform in size and shape creating transparent smooth washes and glazes without granulation. Quinacridones offer an intense color that can be lifted while wet. Based on Why We Love Quinacridone by DanielSmith.com

4 Minute Quick Tip Quinacridone

When I was a beginner color theory was over my head. As a result, I didn’t mix my colors, I used them straight out of the pan. Nowadays I consider myself an intermediate painter and I often play with color mixtures.

But, occasionally I shortcut the process and paint straight out of the pan. Find out how this can be an issue with quinacridones in this 4-minute quick tip video.

Tangle Vibes & Note To Self Stamps

For this card, I used Tangle Vibes Digital Stamps. I opted for digital to enlarge the stamps for the background pattern. Mix and match digital and clear stamps, heat emboss sentiments with Note To Self Clear Stamps.


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