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Altenew 8th Anniversary Blog Hop Day 5 + Giveaway

Celebrating Altenew’s Anniversary is one of my favorite blog hops each year. This 5-day party has loads of inspiration, prizes, and special offers. If you made your way here from Amy HIll’s blog, you’re right on track. To start at the beginning visit the Altenew blog.

Altenew Simple Flowers

To celebrate Altenew’s 8th Anniversary I pulled out, Altenew Simple Flowers, an old favorite of mine. This is one of the first stamps I ever bought from Altenew. My entry into card making was from Zentangle, and this set has a Zentangle vibe.

Must Try Background - Altenew Simple Flowers

YouTube Tutorial – Must Try Background

Now you must try this background technique featuring Altenew Alcohol Inks. It’s easy to do and creates a striking setting for your floral arrangements. Altenew Simple Flowers add to the bold graphic style of this card.

More Altenew Anniversary Cards

Need more inspiration? There’s something about the Altenew Anniversary hops that make me want to use lots of black stripes. Check out the 7th, 6th, & 5th Anniversary posts below.

Giveaway & Sponsors

Over $2,000 in total prizes! Altenew is giving away an $80 Gift Certificate to 5 lucky winners and one Altenew Academy Online Class ($8.95 value) to 15 lucky winners. There are also 26 awesome companies/crafty friends who are celebrating with us, and they are offering the following prizes:

Be sure to leave comments by 4/15/2022 for a chance to win one of 50 prizes! To make the hop more exciting, start your comment with “Hi from (city or country where you’re from)!” 50 winners will be chosen at random from the comments left on any of the blogs listed below and will be announced on the Altenew Card Blog on 4/21/2022.

Next Stop

Enjoy the next stop on the hop, visit Bridget Casey’s blog. To start at the beginning or see the full list of participants visit the Altenew Blog. Thanks so much for joining me today! I’ll see you soon with more inspiration.


If you fancy supporting my art, please use these compensated affiliate links at no cost to you. I am affiliated with brands such as Amazon, Altenew, Scrapbook.com, etc., and earn a small commission from qualifying purchases. Thank you for your support which helps me bring you new content!

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  1. Heather Mills says:

    Hi, from Wakefield, RI, USA! How fun!! Love how bold and graphic this is! Great color combo, too!

  2. Carole McKinney says:

    Hi from Illinois. Very unique card. Lovely!

  3. Amber Bissonnette says:

    Thank you for sharing a technique video! Your background and card is stunning! Loving all your anniversary projects!

  4. Inkin' Chickie says:

    Great project share. This is a set I have and rarely use because I don’t know what to do with it. This is a must try project for the set.

  5. Michele W says:

    Hi from Maryland! Thanks for showing us how to make that interesting background. I’m new to the gel press and really learned a lot.

  6. Janelle Breson says:

    Hi from Texas. Happy 8th anniversary Altenew! I love that you used a gel press. I have one, but rarely use it. I signed up for your blog so I can see what other amazing projects you create.

  7. Really nice card! Would be tempted to get alcohol inks if I had more storage space. Hi from St. Vincent & the Grenadines.

  8. Hello for Chicagoland. I always enjoy your posts but this card gives all kinds of inspiration. Thanks!

  9. Hi from NJ! This card makes me happy! The combination of graphic elements immediately made me smile.

  10. Hi from NY! Thank you for your gel plate background tutorial! I love the mod/contemporary card, and like you, enjoy zentangling. This stamp set does have a similar vibe and your card features it perfectly!

  11. Monika Davis says:

    Hi from NH! What a great way to celebrate! Love these blog hops. Happy Anniversary to Altenew! Beautiful card Amber! Love the background made with the gel plate. Those black stripes look great! Pretty abstract flowers! Thanks for the inspiration!

  12. Patty A Eifert says:

    Hello from Northern Kentucky! Hey Amber…I’m with you on that black stripe vibe! You always make such pretty cards!

  13. Hi from GA. Your card is lovely. A very striking color combination. Thanks for sharing

  14. Beverly Sizemore says:

    Hi from northwest Alabama! Gorgeous! I love your vibrant card! Thanks for sharing AND happy 8th birthday to Altenew!

  15. Kimberly Ligocki says:

    Well how cool is that background! And I have the 3 x 5 gel plate! Thanks Amber. Hi from CA

  16. Karen Schroeder says:

    Hi from Janesville, WI! Your card is so cool! Love it!

  17. Hi from Dublin, Ireland! Every year you made something beautiful, and this year was no exception! Thank you so much for your beautiful inspiration!

  18. Hi from Ohio. I like the background for these fun flowers.

  19. Helena Stanser says:

    Hello from Sweden! What a fun and happy card you have made!

  20. Patricia Schoenberg says:

    Hello from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA. I really like your zen-ish card. I especially like your travel poster inspired cards. Thank you.

  21. Dorothy Ayotte says:

    I like your very fun card! Love the finger painted background (when was the last time I finger painted? K? LOL So nice to see you-it’s been awhile.

  22. Vicki Kroll says:

    Hello from Florida! Love the look of your card and that stamp set along with the neat background. Enjoyed the video.

  23. lisascreativeniche says:

    I just love the color combo here! Beautiful card!

  24. Hi from MA. Thanks for sharing your unique design.

  25. Patti Feavel says:

    Hi from Appleton Wisconsin. I love love love Altenew’s floral stamps – so realistic! I love your teal flower card – thanks for the inspiration😁

  26. Hi from Texas. Beautiful mixed media card. Amazing technique I really want to try. Thank you for the great tutorial.

  27. June L Gravitte says:

    Unusual color combo. Very mod looking. I am now interested in learning Zentangle!

  28. Gayle Perona says:

    Hello from Tucson, Arizona. Thanks for sharing your video and ideas. Love your idea for when you don’t get your image perfectly centered. So creative!

  29. Ashley Cortez says:

    Hi I’m from Texas, this is a pretty card

  30. Rece Hanoch says:

    Hello from Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. You’ve made such a pretty card. Thanks for sharing

  31. This is such a fun card. I love the colors. The flowers remind me of your class “Zantangle for Cardmakers”, Thank you for another fun inspiration.

  32. Hi from WA. Love your idea of using black in the anniversary cards and this background is unique! Thanks for sharing it! Happy 8th!

  33. barbara lassiter says:

    Hi from Wilmington, DE! This is a beautiful card and the technique with the gel press for the background is awesome. Thanks so much for sharing this!

  34. Susan Babcock says:

    Hi from Chicago! I love how you used your finger to make the stripes! A lovely mixed media card.

  35. Linda Wood says:

    Hi from Oregon! Your cards are great, here, unique and bold.

  36. Bridget N says:

    Hello from Jax, FL! I love your style. The card is so bold and funky and awesome. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  37. Jeanne Beam says:

    Hi from the Florida Panhandle. Such an awesome card! So creative.
    Thanks for sharing.

  38. Merrill P says:

    Good to learn a new technique; thank you for the video.

  39. Dee Earnshaw says:

    Hi from Brookfield, WI – WOW never seen this technique before – so excited to try this with my alcohol inks and mixed media- thanks for the inspiration

  40. Sharon Youngblood says:

    Hello from Pennsylvania. Thank you so much, Altenew, for sharing this celebration and all the beautiful inspiration with us.
    Thank you for the new background, Technique.

  41. roxanne tellini says:

    I have never seen anyone use alcohol ink on a gel plate before. I can do that! Thank you from Florida!

  42. Donna Shultz says:

    Another hello from North Carolina! I have never used alchohol inks, but now I want to try them. Beautiful cards!

  43. Robin Ridpath says:

    Hi from California! Cool technique! Great card! I love that all your anniversary cards have the black stripes.

  44. Joanne Hoffmann says:

    Hi from Rochester, NY…Altenew is my neighbor to the east on I-90! Amber…what a creatively inspiring card!!

  45. Marisela Delgado says:

    Hola from San Antonio, Texas! A gorgeous card!

  46. Denise Bryant says:

    Hi from Penn Valley, CA!
    Love this modern design!

  47. Hello from Houston, love the cards you have made in previous years, just lovely.

  48. Hi from Cedar City, Utah! HAPPY ANNIVERSARY, ALTENEW!

    That’s such a unique and lovely card you’ve posted. I really enjoyed checking it out! I don’t have that stamp set, but I have the add-on for it, and it’s one of my favorite little sets to mess around with — just so many interesting things you can do with it. It’s always fun to see additional ideas too, so thanks for the inspiration.

  49. Melissa Leftrick says:

    Hi from TN! What amazing cards you created!!! I love the black on them! Really makes everything pop!

  50. Hi from Colorado. Thanks for the background idea!

  51. Hi from Rumford, Maine. That is such a fun card. I love the image. Love the colors. tyfs 🙂

  52. Vickie S Davis says:

    Hello from Utah. I really love your work.

  53. Hello from Washington state. Beautifully crafted with such rich colors.

  54. Patricia A Wood says:

    Hi from upstate New York. Stunning design.

  55. Sharon Gullikson says:

    Hi from Calif. These look really cool and different. Artsy. Nice job with the colors, too.

  56. Deb Bryant says:

    Hi from Medford OR
    So creative! Love it!

  57. Sandra Baggarly says:

    Hi from Kentucky! Thanks for sharing your beautiful cards!

  58. Suna Stirk says:

    Hi from Auckland New Zealand. Just love this card on so many levels, thanks for the inspiration!

  59. Linda Harper says:

    Hi from Elkridge, MD. Lovely card, thanks for sharing!

  60. Ashley Loving says:

    Really cool card! I love the background!

  61. Jeanette J Lyden says:

    Hello from Maine. So nice. Very artistic.

  62. Jill Rauenhorst says:

    Hi from St. Paul. MN, What a fun and funky card,.. loved the video!

  63. Alexandra Y says:

    Hi from Canada! Lovely card!

    1. Cathy Kalin says:

      Oh my gosh! So creative. Darling card!

  64. Catherine Marie Derouche says:

    Hello from Maine, love the card, thanks for the video, love watching how a card unfolds

  65. Lynn Young says:

    Hi from North Carolina. Amber thank you for once again creating a beautiful mixed media card and showing how it can be done. You always spark my creativity.

  66. Karen Draper says:

    Hi from Texas! Thanks for the pointers on smoother drawing — I need that.

  67. Hi from Escondido, CA! A very unique design, I also like your previous years cards.

  68. Lori Hothan says:

    Hello from Minneapolis, MN. Blog Hop Day 5 – Happy Anniversary! I really love the colors you chose for this card with the Green & Black. You really do nice work, thank you for sharing this w/all of us stampers/crafters as well. Nice work!! Lori Hothan

    1. Very creative card!
      Thanks for sharing cards from past Altenew anniversary hops.
      Hello from MN!

  69. Hello from Syracuse, NY, Altenew’s hometown! Amber, what a fun card you created for Altenew’s 8th Anniversary…

    1. Helen Budz says:

      Every year your anniversary card is so beautifully unique. This year is no exception. Thanks for sharing the card and video tutorial. Stay well.

  70. Meghan Kennihan says:

    Hello from Chicago, Illinois! Happy anniversary on blog day 5! Love the design and colors!

  71. Elaine Wolstenholme says:

    Hi from England in the UK. Great video and a stunning card with a mixed media vibe to it.

  72. Lillian Child says:

    Hello from Colorado … what a striking card! thank you for sharing your talents with us.

  73. Carmela Hubler says:

    Howdy from Texas! Cute card!

  74. Absolutely gorgeous! I particularly love the green flowers with black stripes.

  75. Margi Chesbro says:

    Hi from Portland Oregon USA! Wow, love all the stripes. Especially black and white. Thanks for all the great inspiration!

  76. Catherine says:

    Hi from Florida – cool cards! Love the boldness. Thanks for sharing

  77. Hi from Virginia. Thank you for your video and this amazing card. You are so inspiring and creative.

  78. Lauryne Cunningham says:

    Hi from TX! Awesome video! I love the colors on your card and how you created it!

  79. 👋 Hello from Ohio! Love the bold colors you chose Amber, will have to stop by your YT channel and binge watch 😉 Thanks for the inspiration!

  80. Mary Holshouser says:

    Hi, from Millstadt, IL.
    the card is whimsical and
    fun. Love it. thanks for
    sharing. txmlhl(at)yahoo(dot)com

  81. Roblyn Henry says:

    Hi from Colorado! Wow! I loved watching your video on this technique – the result is beautiful and looks like fun too.

  82. Hi from Waukesha Wisconsin! I love the mixed media feel. Thanks for the inspiration!

  83. Teresa Doyle says:

    Hi from Canada.
    Amber this is such a fun card. You definitely need to watch the video to fully appreciate the process. Thanks for sharing it!

  84. Donna Degale-Kalloo says:

    Hi! I am from the Caribbean islands of Trinidad & Tobago! Lovely cards!

  85. Jeanne Rice says:

    Hi from Oregon. Beautiful card. Thanks for all your inspiration.

  86. Kay Furnish says:

    Hi from California! I love your whimsical card! Thanks for including the video, and thanks for the tips about drawing the lines/stems. I’ve always struggled with that, and your tips are very helpful. I also appreciate tips about using the Gel plate. Maybe I’ll dig mine out again.

  87. Patricia Coleman says:

    Hello from Charlotte, NC! Such a beautiful card!!

  88. Dorothy Chretin says:

    Hi from Arizona! I love how you used the black in your backgrounds to make your focal points pop! Beautiful cards!

  89. Dorothy Chretin says:

    Hi from Arizona! I love how you used the black in the backgrounds to really make your focal points pop! Beautiful cards!!

  90. Hello from Maine. All your cards are stunning and this one is no exception. Such a beautiful bloom!

  91. Sandy Handrich says:

    Greetings from Michigan! Love that technique video!! Thank you 😍

  92. Hi from Central Florida! Love the mixed media vibe Amber and I also enjoy your process videos!

  93. Angela Hall says:

    Hi from NE, Thank you for the video, will be watching more of them.

  94. Kim Salito says:

    Hi from Louisiana. Thank you for sharing your beautiful card.

    1. Hello from Portland, Oregon, You have the most amazing compositions. I love how you use a lot of linear elements with your curved ones. The colors are beautiful and your additions are inspiring to us all!