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Easy Sketch & Watercolor Coneflowers

Join me for easy sketch & watercolor coneflowers! I was in the mood to paint blue-violet coneflowers and I didn’t have such a stamp, so I decided to sketch.

YouTube Tutorial | Easy Sketch & Watercolor Coneflowers

I don’t typically sketch flowers so you’ll get to learn along with me in this video. Watch here or in HD on YouTube.

Sketching Coneflowers

First, you’ll want to find an inspiration photo. Google coneflowers or use a copyright free site such as pixabay.com. Study the overall shape of the flower, petals, and center of the flowers.

Next, draw an oval similar to the overall shape and size of the flower you’d like to draw. Coneflowers have droopy petals, draw one in the forefront, then draw successive petals behind it.

I kind of wish I had more closely followed the photo inspiration and kept some space in between the petals, but there’s always next time.

Letter Sparrow Watercolor

Today’s palette was limited to 3 gorgeous Letter Sparrow watercolors: Maya Blue, Italian Violet, and Caput Mortem.

I applied thinned down Italian Violet to the petals in a wet to dry technique. Once the petals were wet I dropped in full-strength Maya Blue at the base of the petals and created casted shadows.

The leaves and flower centers are a mix of thinned down Caput Mortem with a touch of Maya Blue.

Finishing Touch

I decided to forgo adding a sentiment until I’m ready to mail this card. For the background, I opted for a hand-drawn border with a Sakura Micron PN pen in Sepia vs. black.

That’s a wrap, guys. All the details are in the video so be sure to check it out. Let me know what you think of these simple sketched flowers and if you’d like to see more videos like this.

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