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New Stained Glass Alcohol Ink Technique

Learn new ways to use alcohol ink in this episode of Color Connection with Amber. I sat down to play with Artist Marker Refills and fell down a rabbit hole to discover a stained glass alcohol ink technique and more!

New Stained Glass Alcohol Ink Technique

Altenew Color Connection with Amber

Altenew Color Connection with Amber is a video series on the Altenew YouTube channel. On the 2nd and 4th Saturday of each month, I post video tutorials creating projects with the current month’s Inspiration Challenge color scheme. You know I love to play with color, so this is a great fit for me!

Twenty-four hours after posting the videos on Altenew, I’ll post the videos on my YouTube channel. I’d love it if you like, subscribe, and share it with friends!

August 2020 Altenew Inspiration Challenge

Nicole Watt from our Video Inspiration Team is hosting the Altenew Inspiration Challenge this month. She has provided a lovely verdigris color scheme for us to experiment with this month and she provided a sketch prompt too!

Altenew August 2020 Inspiration Challenge

Visit the Altenew August 2020 Inspiration Challenge to enter or use #altenewchallenge on your social media posts.

Altenew Artist Marker Refills

Originally, I purchased Altenew Artist Marker Refills for their intended use, to refill my markers. But, depending on use, markers don’t need refilling often. So, I decided I would use them for alcohol ink panels. Now, that’s not a new technique, but I will share some new uses, so hang with me!

Alcohol Ink Technique
Frayed Leaf, Emerald, & Evening Gray Artist Marker Refills

Three Artist Marker Refills that coordinate with the Inspiration Challenge color scheme are Frayed Leaf, Emerald, and Evening Gray. Alternately, a few other colors that work are Minty Mint, Evergreen, and any of the grays.

Altenew Circled Greetings: Love Die
Circled Greetings: Love Die & Tropical Forest Enamel Dots

As seen in the video, the alcohol ink panel above is created with the standard technique. The fun starts with the next two cards.

Alcohol Ink Smooshing

It’s a mystery why I haven’t thought of this before, but ink smooshing with alcohol ink creates a subtle beautiful effect!

New Ways to Use Alcohol Inks | Alcohol Ink Smooshing
Alcohol Ink Smoosing Technique

Simply put a few drops of alcohol ink or marker refill on your craft mat. I love a glass mat for easy cleanup. Next, add a bit of rubbing alcohol or blending solution and smoosh your Yupo paper into the ink. Allow ink to dry and repeat with the same or different colors.

Alcohol Ink Smooshing
Creative Cutouts: Moroccan Mosaic & Sea Shore & Tropical Forest Enamel Dots

If you don’t have Yupo paper, try the backside of photo paper. I was out of Yupo and the back of Kirkland Glossy Photo paper worked great.

The alcohol ink smooshing effect is soft and easy to achieve. Check it out in the video!

Stained Glass Alcohol Ink Technique

This stained glass alcohol ink technique is the result of my own creative curiosity. I started to assemble the cards and glued a piece of Altenew Creative Cutouts: Moroccan Mosaic on an alcohol ink smooshed panel.

Stained Glass Alcohol Ink Technique

I took one look and thought what would happen if I added alcohol ink? So, I did. I dropped in each of the three colors and let the panel dry. The Creative Cutout absorbed a lot of the color making it quite dark.

It was so dark that it overwhelmed the panel. So, I decided to peel off the Creative Cutout. Because it absorbed so much ink, it was quite stiff making it easy to remove. I used the reclaimed piece in the Just Keep Swimming card above.

New Stained Glass Alcohol Ink Technique

Removing the Creative Cutout left a much preferred white outline, but it still looked busy on the ink smooshed background. So, I fussy cut the stained glass panel design and used the discarded ink smooshed piece on the Just Keep Swimming card.

Altenew August 2020 Inspiration Challenge

I adhered the stained glass alcohol ink element to a piece of white cardstock and stamped a sentiment from Hello & Hugs Stamp Set. Sea Shore and Tropical Forest Enamel Dots finished off all the cards.

What do you think of these new ways to use alcohol ink? I’d love to know if you’ve tried or seen these techniques before. Let me know in the comments below.

More Marker Refill Techniques

Here are two more alcohol ink and marker refill techniques.

Give paining and pointillism a try with alcohol inks. Learn how in this post/video.

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