Netflix Stanger Things In My Craft Room

Netflix Stranger Things found it’s way into my craft room! If you watch the Netflix series, then you’ll love these cards! I used The Hedgehog Hollow November 2019 subscription box stamps to create some iconic Stranger Things scenes.

Spoiler Alert | Fair warning, there are spoilers below!

STRANGER THINGS | Joyce Byers Christmas Lights Scene

Stranger Things | S1E3

Let’s get this party started with my favorite card and the most iconic scene from the show. The stamps from the November kit are a collaboration with Laura Kelly Designs and these little peeps are happy as can be.

Of, course Will and Joyce Byers were anything but happy during his stint in the Upsidedown. I don’t think he was smiling when he screamed RUN, but hey, I’m getting creative with these happy little stamps.

This card had the most added drawing as I wanted to add the lights and room to create a scene. The people stamps were left unedited.

All the sentiments are handwritten.

STRANGER THINGS | Coffee and Contemplation

Stranger Things | S1E1

Yaasss, Jim Hopper is a man after my own heart. Though, dang, I might have taken a to-go coffee so I could search for Will asap!

All this stamp needed was a Sherrif hat, mustache and stubble, a badge, and of course the coffee and donut. Don’t judge my donut. šŸ¤£

STRANGER THINGS | Can't Spell America Without Erica

Stranger Things | S3E4

While it may have been difficult to stomach Erica’s off the charts boss and sass at the beginning, she stole the show with her wit and grit. The season wouldn’t be complete without our favorite patriotic ice cream fiend.

I wiped off the curls at the end of the hair before stamping so I could add some strands with beads. Next, I drew an ice cream cone and flag to complete Erica’s look.

STRANGER THINGS | Justice for Barb

Stranger Things | S2E1

Poor Barb! Life just seemed to go on without her while she was hanging in the Upsidedown. Only Nancy and her parents seemed concerned about her whereabouts. Enter the KFC dinner over at Barb’s house.

I edited Barb’s stamp by adding large glasses. I kind of wish I had drawn lines for her eyes so they’d be closed, but perhaps that would be too dark.

That’s a wrap for this set of cards, though so many more could be made! A Murray, aka Bald Eagle, card and Dusty Buns and Suzy Poo Neverending Story card would round out this set nicely! This is a series where the supporting characters are just as entertaining as the headliners.

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  1. so you did all the “quotes” by hand? or are these stamps?

    1. Hi Gail,
      All the quotes were handwritten. I didn’t think to mention it because my handwriting is so messy. I’ve added a note above as I’m sure others will want to know too. šŸ¤¦šŸ»ā€ā™€ļø Thanks for visiting!!